Exclusive Tailoring fully bespoke suit service, without compromising on quality.

As master tailors, we tailor your garments with care and attention.

From taking measurements to seeing what type of look is best for your personally lifestyle at Exclusive Tailoring we pay attention to detail and your tailoring will showcase this.

A Cutting Edge Process 

Master tailoring is an art.

In order to respect the craft and construct high-quality clothing, the team at Exclusive Tailoring performs meticulous steps including:

  • Taking careful measurements to ensure the proper fit. Fit is everything. In order to get the perfect fit every time, our tailors will take precise measurements.
  • Choosing the best style for you. With the expertise of our team, we can help you decide which style is right for you. You can feel confident knowing that your completed design will not only reflect the latest and most classic fashion trends, but it will also complement your personality.
  • Schedule a final fitting to determine if additional alterations are needed. A final fitting is crucial in achieving a high-quality garment that is right for you. During this time, our tailors will check for any alterations that may need to be completed before you take your clothing home. If alterations are needed, this process typically only takes a few days.

The Benefits of Choosing a Master Tailor 

At Exclusive Tailoring, we believe that men deserve clothing that is expertly tailored to fit their unique build, personality, and style.

From choosing the fabric to the craftsmanship of each stitch, our garments are designed with you in mind. Whether it is a custom suit or shirt, we are positive that our garments will help you exude confidence and poise.

To greatly enhance your formal and professional wear, contact Exclusive Tailoring today. Our team of master tailors is dedicated to providing high-quality services and delivering the perfect fit. Don’t hesitate, begin the process of achieving your custom designed suit today!

Exclusive Tailoring

The Process

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Exclusive Tailoring

Once we have your style and fit confirmed, your made-to-measure suit will be created.

Exclusive Tailoring

When your made-to-measure suit is ready, you will be invited back to our office for a fitting to check if any adjustments are needed before you take your suit away. Alterations take just a few days.

Exclusive Tailoring

That’s it!
The entire process takes 4-6 weeks.
You can take your suit.

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