Exclusive Tailoring fully bespoke suit service, without compromising on quality.

Whether you need a formal garment for a classy event or a structured and flattering suit for work, our team at Exclusive Tailoring is happy to provide superior women’s tailoring services. We have the skill and expertise to handle all of your tailoring needs.

The Benefits of a Master Tailor 

It can be difficult to find a flattering suit off the rack—and it’s even more tricky to find one that boosts your confidence.

However at Exclusive Tailoring, we offer the perfect solution — a custom-made suit. With every detail designed to contour to your unique silhouette, you’ll appreciate the feeling of a garment that fits you like no other.

Our tailors will help you achieve your desired look, and they can also accentuate or conceal whatever you may desire.

The Process 

In order to achieve high-quality garments and the perfect fit, our tailors follow these important steps:

  • Choosing the best fabrics for your design. For this step, our team will choose the materials that best complement your design—while keeping comfort and quality in mind. 
  • Taking precise measurements to ensure an exceptional fit. We are dedicated to achieving a perfect fit, so measurements are carefully recorded. 
  • Work with your personality and silhouette to determine the correct style for you. Choosing the right style can make or break your confidence, and our experts are here to help you realize your full potential. 
  • Schedule a final fitting to check for any necessary alterations.The perfect fit is essential.If any alterations are needed, this step typically only takes a few days.

Forget Conforming to Given Sizes

Every woman is different.

Yet when you’re forced to purchase clothing off the rack, you’re expected to conform to a small selection of sizes. Why try to choose a size that might fit you when you can have clothing that is customized for you and only you?

With Exclusive Tailoring, we offer exactly that. Suits, blouses, formal wear, and more are constructed with customized patterns to suit your body.

To build a new wardrobe of individualized garments that will boost your confidence, contact Exclusive Tailoring today. Our team of master tailors is dedicated to providing excellent service and premium tailor-made clothing.

Exclusive Tailoring

The Process

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Exclusive Tailoring

Once we have your style and fit confirmed, your made-to-measure suit will be created.

Exclusive Tailoring

When your made-to-measure suit is ready, you will be invited back to our office for a fitting to check if any adjustments are needed before you take your suit away. Alterations take just a few days.

Exclusive Tailoring

That’s it!
The entire process takes 4-6 weeks.
You can take your suit.

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